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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pasta & Ice Cream Cones

Hi there :) This is going to be a bit of a mish-mash post.  I made these pasta noodles a while ago and recently took an updated picture.  I'm really not sure what I want to do with them.  Maybe I'll make a pasta dish, or possibly scrap it and make new noodles that aren't so large and clunky.  Hmm...not sure.

I did have a few great comments on Instagram suggesting I use a larger bowl and hide the chunky noodles behind sauce.  Another person also suggested I make them into curly fries! I just might try it.


I also tried my hand at sculpting a little ice cream cone.  I've made waffle cones before but never this type.  I used Sculpey Firm to sculpt it since Premo and Sculpey III were just too soft and wouldn't hold the details.  Then I tried to make a mold of it, andthat's where everything fell apart! Maybe it's the type of molding material I used, but the cone details just didn't come out right.  So when I put the clay in the mold and baked it, it came out all wonky and un-detailed.  I guess I could hand sculpt each cone? I'll try and come up with an alternative and report back.



  1. re: ice cream cone... did you use a two part mold, or three part? Those indentations are tough to have keep clean when pulling out I imagine.

    1. laughing- three part would be insane on that scale wouldn't it? :)

    2. The indentations are definitely tough! Oh geez, I couldn't even imagine a three part mold at that scale haha. I actually did it using one single mold. The inside of the master is not hollow, so I just flipped the cone upside down and placed the molding material over it. I think I'm going to have to try multiple reattempts to get it right.