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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Before the Blog

I've only had this blog and other various social media sites for a very short time now, and have been loving every minute of it!  It's been great to share my miniatures with a community that also has a great appreciation teeny tiny food.

Before I started the blog I had already created a few miniatures, and despite the fact that they are "decent" I will still share them with you (even with my "meh" attitude towards them).  Ok, to be truly honest, the first clay miniatures I ever made are  too embarrassing to show because I was just starting out.  Let's just say everybody has to start somewhere...  If I do decide to remake an old miniature, I'll be sure to do a before and after progression shot.

Everyone's a critic, so play nice :)
Double layer berry cake with whipped cream

Chocolate orange almond cake & berry cake
Tip: Never varnish with clear nail polish like I did with the chocolate cake.  Nail polish will eventually break down and crack over time, ruining all your hard work.  To try and conceal the mistake it was varnished a second time with Triple Thick Glaze.

Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sully cupcakes!
Pineapple buns

Chocolate chip cupcake & blueberry muffins

Cracker platter: Apples, brie cheese, salami, cheddar cheese, and crackers

Chocolate dipped waffle cone with vanilla soft serve
There are probably other miniatures that I'm missing, if I find them I will add them to this post.


  1. your smores are fantastic! Nice detail with the ziplock bag too.
    I've also made the clear finger nail polish mistake- it ended up weakening the polymer clay too (arm chair which eventually crumbled).

    looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you! The bag was so fun to make :P Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about your chair. It stinks that you put all your time and effort into making an awesome chair only to have the nail polish completely ruin it. But I guess we learn from our mistakes, even at a costly price. ugh.