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Monday, August 3, 2015

Disney Parks Frozen Treats & Tutorial

Disney Parks Frozen Treats
Have you ever noticed those little carts around the Disney parks that sell ice cream & frozen treats?They usually have a display with the fake ice creams on it too.  I decided it would be really fun to recreate those treats!  My personal favorite is the Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich, but I won't deny any ice cream, it's all delicious!
Stick around to the end of the post, I made another video tutorial for you!  It's a long one, but I think it's worth it 

Disney Parks Frozen Treats
Prepping all the pieces for baking and then  given them a dip in "chocolate" :P

Disney Parks Frozen Treats
Disney Parks Frozen Treats Disney Parks Frozen Treats
Disney Parks Frozen Treats  Disney Parks Frozen Treats Disney Parks Frozen Treats


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