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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Carrot Cake & Tutorial

The Micro Bakery polymer clay carrot cake1

As usual, I was browsing the interwebs for some inspiration when I stumbled upon GimmeSomeOven's beautiful carrot cake, so I made a miniature version!  It's a bit hard to tell on these photos, but up close in person you can see little bits of orange clay in the cake that are supposed to be carrot shreds.  Two of these will be listed on my store as soon as I am able to find an appropriate box to ship this in.

The Micro Bakery polymer clay carrot cake2

The Micro Bakery polymer clay carrot cake3

I made these simple cake stands from objects found around the house.  The flat top of the cake stand is made of clay with a sheet of paper glued to it so the paint would glide on smoothly and without streaks.  Then I cut out a scalloped edge and glued that to the side.  The base of the stand is a golf tee cut to a scale appropriate length and glued with a big dollop of glue.  Once everything was dry, I painted the whole thing with a few layers of thinned out acrylic paint.  You can either use water or isopropyl alcohol to thin out your paint.

Cake Stand WIP

The Micro Bakery polymer clay carrot cake4

For this miniature, I did something completely new and filmed the entire process!  Below I put together a tutorial for it and hope you enjoy it :D


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