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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Party Cakes!


After a few disastrous attempts at a funfetti cake and burnt candles (documented on my Instagram account) I was finally able to create a few decent cakes.  They're probably the most fun food item to make because they are so darn pretty looking!  I wanted to do a few more with sprinkles and possibly funfetti, but I got too lazy and only made these :P 

I actually made duplicates of the blue vanilla and mint chocolate chip cakes along with a few extra slices and will be selling them soon.   Watch out for my next post which will go into more detail about opening an online store.


Ugh, those candles were a pain!  However, I think the end result looks nice :)  I twisted white and translucent Premo together for a classic spiraled candle and pre-baked them before placing them in the raw clay cake.  I highly suggest using Premo for the candles since they will be baked twice.  Unlike Sculpey III, Premo becomes flexible when baked for longer periods of time instead of becoming brittle.

To help prevent any further burning when baking the entire cake, I placed an aluminum foil tent around the pieces.  Once finished, I made burnt candles wicks by glueing super thin pieces of clay to the top of the candles and painted it with black acrylic.  

Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip icing!



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